5 Reasons Why you should Study Project Management

What is project management?

Before we delve deeper into project management, we need to first understand what it means. One scholar named Henry Mintzberg stated that “management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” Essentially, that is what management entails in its literal sense.

Project management is that and much more. Ideally, it entails implementing various methodologies, knowledge, processes, experience, and skill to oversee a project to completion. At Rifkins College-Mombasa, we will help you learn how to be an effective manager and jumpstart your career in any field in business. Every employer wants a multi-skilled and multi-talented manager who will help in the realisation of organizational goals and objectives. An Advanced Diploma in Project Management such as the one offered at Rifkins College-Mombasa could be a good start to being that ideal candidate for the job. You will not only learn how to enforce teamwork and maximize resources, but also streamline processes and control costs.

Within the project management field, there are a variety of credentialing options for you to choose from for professional advancement. One can opt for a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, undergraduate, masters’ or a PhD. For an entry level, a certificate, diploma or advanced diploma will do you justice. However, progressing to higher levels will certainly enhance your CV and marinate you for a middle-manager role and eventually for senior managerial posts.

Are you still weighing in on whether to pursue project management? Well, here are five reasons why pursuing a course in project management is a good idea.

1. It is a growing industry

Employers are always on the lookout to have project managers in their enterprises. That is the case given that it is a growing industry. Many disciplines rely on highly skilled project managers to convert brilliant ideas into reality. Some of the industries where project managers are on demand include engineering, healthcare, technology, financial services, law, and construction.

2. Competitive Compensation

No matter the preference that define individuals, salaries and wages happen to be a source of motivation that cuts across. Accordingly, you will be pleased to find out that a job as a project manager attracts handsome pays. That is the case whether you opt to operate locally or internationally.

Certainly, the international market offers even higher pays but it all narrows down to the willingness of getting out of the comfort zone. The pay for this role keeps on improving by the year as the discipline gains more prominence. How about that?!  

3. People Orientation

If you enjoy having people around, this job is a perfect fit for you. Projects are executed and completed by teams. Therefore, you will be working alongside other employees to ensure the successful completion of an undertaking. Of course, you will have to be emotionally intelligent and learn how to handle people- Rifkins College-Mombasa will train you on organizational behaviour to help you meet the need. That is necessary given the varying personalities you will be handling as you work.

4. You Can Move within Industries

Sure, a high salary is an attractive part of working venturing into project management. Perhaps the most rewarding part of a career in project management is the fact that you will be able to move from one industry to another. A project manager can develop skills in managing one type of project that are transferable to other types of projects in other professions. This advantage is one that cannot be undermined as it allows for upward mobility.

5. Working Flexibility

Having a work-life balance is one of the most pressing yet unfulfilled needs employees grapple with regularly. As a project manager, you won’t have to go through that as your roles will be defined by a great deal of flexibility. Although you will be working extensively on a project, you get to have a flexibility in time and place. You will be working through video conferencing to coordinate teams as you work remotely.


In a nutshell, with a diploma in project management you have a guarantee of a bright future as you will always be in demand. Besides, if you want to earn competitive packages and even have a chance to work in multinationals, enroll for this diploma at Rifkins College-Mombasa. If you intend to rise to the CEO level in your career, then this is the way go. Come aboard and learn from the best.

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