Lets’s Learn this beautiful language – French (Apprenons nous le Français!)

Now that you are here, it is factual to deduce that you are weighing in on whether learning French would be a good idea.

This article intends to help you figure why learning French could be one of the best decisions you could make in life just yet. Sure, there are plenty of other foreign languages like German, Italian, and Spanish that look appealing, but let’s see why French still leads the pack.Viens avec moi! Oh, sorry… I mean come along!

French is a world language…no really, it is

Did you know that more than 300 million people speak French throughout the five continents? After English, French is the second most widely taught and learnt foreign language, and the fifth most spoken language in the world. As you digest that, French is also the only language, alongside English, that is taught in every nation in the world.

You would be joining millions of other students globally if you decide take a certificate course at Rifkins College in Mombasa. France operates the biggest international network of cultural institutes, that run French-language courses for an estimated one million students and you could be lucky enough to join such programs if you are proficient in French. The good perks don’t stop there.

The language of culture

Did you know that French is the international language used in the hospitality and hotelier sector, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dance and architecture? It is the language of arts and humanities. Paris is also acknowledged as the cradle of many things among them fashion, various cuisines, arts, and some of the most renowned architectural works. Ever heard of the Eiffel Tower? (Check the image below)

How awesome will it be to explore some of these aspects! That brings us to the next point …

It is a language for those who fancy travelling

It would be pleasant to learn that France is the global top tourist destination and hosts approximately 87 million visitors a year if not more. Well, that might have been hindered by the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, but the country has maintained the reputation for decades. Being knowledgeable and skilled about French will make exploring France a whole lot of fun! You can also explore many other Francophone countries; a majority of them are found in Africa.

French will get you recognised in the international job market

Does working for international NGOs like the reputable United Nations or multinationals like Coca-Cola sound appealing? If it does, one way to ensure that you stand the chance to work at such levels is by earning a French certification.  Such institutions always have a policy of employing staff that can speak French in addition to English language. That is the case because French is the second most spoken official language after English.

Besides, France is among the world’s largest economies. What better way to get to work in French companies like Michelin, Total, Renault, L’Oreal Cosmetics etc. than to learn French? Do not forget about the decent pays you will be getting as well! It’s a win-win situation.

Learning French increases prospects for pursuing higher education

Speaking French is a gateway to studying at top French universities and colleges that compete at the global arena with the likes of the Ivy League universities.Universite de Paris,Universite PSL, Ecole Polytechnique, and Sorbonne University are some of global contenders you can never go wrong selecting. Pursue that advanced diploma or degree in among the world’s finest institutions of higher learning by acquiring the certificate in French from Rifkins College-Mombasa!

French is a prominent language in international relations

The French language is both a working language and an official language used in various international bodies including the United Nations and all its affiliates like UNESCO UNDP, and UNEP; the European Union; NATO; the International Olympic Committee; the International Red Cross; the African Union and international courts like the ICC (International Criminal Court) and ICJ (International Court of Justice). Besides, French is also the main language of the three cities that host EU institutions asits headquarters: the acclaimed cities are Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg. The essence of French in diplomatic matters and international relations cannot be overemphasised.

Fun Fact: French forms the basis for learning other Romantic languages including Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Oh, did you know that half, of the vocabulary in English is acquired from French?!

I dare say that French and English are complimentary. Join Rifkins College-Mombasa and learn from some of the best language instructors in the country. The journey will not only be intriguing but enlightening. Get that certificate in French today and begin your adventure to greatness!

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