counselling-therapy services.

Rifkins College in Mombasa offers professional counseling services. The counseling services are offered free to students of Rifkins College and at a reasonable cost to the general public in Mombasa. Counseling at Rifkins College in Mombasa is offered by highly experienced professionals.

Rifkins College Counseling centre offers the following counseling services among others;

  • Youth counseling
  • Career choices and guidance
  • Depression
  • Alcohol and other addictions
  • Low self esteem
  • Family / Marriage life problems
  • Parent, Children Relationships
  • Group counseling


Rifkins College counseling program is a soul healing (spirit, body and mind) based counseling program which aims at;

  • Improving mental, spiritual health and therefore physical wellbeing
  • Helping individuals cope with challenges in life
  • Helping individuals come out of stress
  • Helping individuals find themselves and find their purpose in life.
  • Creating healthy relationships

Talk to us for help and support if;

  • You feel depressed, sad or discouraged frequently.
  • You lack sleep or have irregular sleep patterns.
  • You feel you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship
  • You feel your child needs help
  • You feel you are not worth living
  • You feel trapped by a sense of duty
  • Laughter does not come to you naturally; you even wonder why others laugh.
  • You often find yourself on the verge of crying
  • You view the past with regret and sorrow
  • You are always feel like something might go wrong, etc





Certificate in Guidance and Counselling
Duration •• 6 months
Minimum Entry Grade •• D (plain) in KCSE or Compatible Proffesional Certificate