Why Study Events Management – Everything You Need to Know and More!

Are you considering a career in events?  Then you are definitely in the right place!

Whether you’re about to complete your secondary education and still weighing in on what you want to do for the rest of your life, or a seasoned professional thinking of changing lanes, a career in Events Management will be a great pick. The industry is rewarding to work in and if you want to know more, come along!

We will first eliminate some misconceptions and fallacies often levelled against the Events Management career. That way, you will be making an informed decision. Let’s begin.

1. Event Management is an Actual Job

Yes, you read that right. The first misconception is that Events Management is not a real job.

Usually, such words come from friends or family members who simply lack an understanding of the industry. Their intentions might mean well but their sentiments are misleading. Event Managers fill a specific gap in the market and there is money to be made in the industry as well.

Oh, you will be having fun while earning too! This career can make you travel the world and introduce you to new individuals. So, apart from paying your bills on time, you will have many opportunities to advance.

2. It’s a Growing Industry

Experience is king in the 21st Century! People are more willing to spend on gaining new experiences instead of just attaining material possessions. Consequently, Events Management has been experiencing a boom.

What better than to join in while the career is at its peak? Rifkins College-Mombasa has got your back. Join the 6-month certificate program to get started. This is the time to create your brand and ensure success for years to come! Become that highly sought-after Events Manager.

3. You Will Acquire a Dynamic Skillset

Okay, accountants know how to work with money, DJs have mastered the art of lighting and setting sound equipment, while chefs are gurus on anything cuisines and food presentation. What do we call an individual who has all these skills and even more? Your guess is right, an Events Manager or Events Planner, if you will. While planning events, you will have to master all manner of skills that will enable you execute your duties effectively. You are not only going to be a level-headed organizer, but also a skilled communicator. That is a bonus as you can decide to also explore a career in the communications sector if intending to make lateral shifts in future.

4. Professional Qualifications in Event Management do Exist

Do you still remember that we said there is an increased demand?

Before we go further, don’t get it twisted. That one planned a birthday successfully and people had fun does not qualify them to be professionals in the trade. It is just like cooking- not everyone who knows how to cook is a chef! It is for such reasons that institutions like Rifkins College-Mombasa are offering professional training to potential Events Managers.

As expected, professional training in Events Management requires significant input in terms of time and input. It is just as acquiring knowledge in any other profession and equally important. In case you are wondering about hands-on experience, thumbs up for that! Your training at Rifkins College-Mombasa will include practical sessions that will ensure you have holistic training.

5. Enjoy the Thrill of Travelling

Travel is ingrained in this industry. On whether you will be making local, national, or international travel arrangements will depend on the area you decide to venture and the clients you are handling. Some of your duties will involve site visits, overseeing planning meetings, and being flown in to manage and coordinate destination banquets. If you would like to travel the world and being paid while at it, consider a career in Events Management.

6. Variety is the Spice of Life

An Events Management career is described to be many things, but it’s never boring! Every project you will handle and every waking day will present unique challenges that will push you to be innovative in how you handle tasks. Evidently, the career is not for the faint-hearted as “change” will be a cup of tea you have to take daily or on the regular.

If frequent changes do not dampen your spirit nor kill your morale, then pursue that certificate in Events Management at Rifkins College-Mombasa. The never-ending changes in the industry present a rich opportunity for individual growth and development. Some self-discovery could also do you a lot of good too- the career will test your limits.

On a light note, one day it looks like a wedding cake that hasn’t been delivered on time is the worst situation to face. Wait until you have to deal with a corporate client who suddenly halved the event budget but expects the initial plan to go unchanged the next day (the audacity). But hey, things can only get better. You are the magician who makes the impossible possible!

Make that informed decision and enroll for a certificate in Events Management at Rifkins College-Mombasa. Get a chance to learn from industry leaders and start that journey to greatness.

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