Rifkins College

Best College in Kenya

Rifkins College is rated among the best colleges in Kenya. The college is one of the few tvet colleges in kenya offering online courses besides normal in campus learning.
While most tvet colleges in Kenya only offer local knec Diploma and certificate courses,Rifkins College is unique in that the college offers both local knec courses and UK accredited international certificate and Diploma courses.

Rifkins College has been offering Certificate and Diploma courses for over 67 years, making it one of the most reputable and best colleges in Kenya.
You may be asking yourself, “67 years, so what? Does it matter? “
YES, it does matter. Please, read on to find out why it matters;


Picture this:
You left college in Kenya 15 years ago, after completing your certificate and Diploma courses. You now work in Qatar. You see an advert for a better job opportunity than the one you are currently in. So, you apply. For some reason, you lost your original documents. Luckily, you have a copy of your Diploma course certificate.

You submit your application. But the person receiving the documents tells you to either; have the copy of your Diploma certified by your former college in Kenya or you get a letter confirming that you studied at that college. Unfortunately, your former college closed 26 years ago. Will you MISS that opportunity?
Obviously, you will miss the opportunity.

We get many such requests, both local and international. Some of the former students in such situations left Rifkins College even 35 years ago. Lucky for them, 67 years on, Rifkins College is still here. We are always glad to offer them assistance.
When a college closes down, all the certificates, letters etc one holds with that name lose their value. That’s why you should not just join any of the many colleges in Kenya; join a reliable, trusted and time tested college.

There are 10 more reasons why you should choose Rifkins College among the many colleges in Kenya. Continue reading below, and then you decide;


12 Reasons Why You Should Study @ Rifkins College

  • #1

    Getting employment will be easier for you

    Since Rifkins College has been offering college education for years, many employers and especially those in Mombasa are already familiar with the College. The name Rifkins College on your certificates will easily be recognized by many employers, making it easier for you when looking for internship or jobs.


    Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated Lecturers

    The Lecturers at Rifkins College are simply the best. They are all highly qualified, experienced and dedicated. You are assured of quality learning and mentorship.


    FREE additional certificate booster courses.

    We want you to succeed. All our major courses come with a FREE certificate course to boost your major course and give you competitive advantage. Example, if you are taking Diploma course in Information Technology, you will do a FREE certificate course in computer repair and maintenance. Suppose you are taking Diploma course in Accounting and Finance, you will do a FREE certificate course in Computerized accounting and so on.


    FREE Essential Skill Courses

    We give our students FREE Essential Skills training. You will be equipped with practical real life skills such as CV writing, presentation for job interview among others, which are not normally included in academic programs and which can stand between you and success.


    Free Fast Internet

    We offer FREE fast internet (Wi-Fi) for all our in Campus students.


    Free eLibrary

    We give FREE eLibrary access to all our students. Our state of the art eLibrary can be accessed through internet from anywhere.


    Online Results Portal

    All students results for CATS, examinable assignment and end of unit exams are stored online. Students and sponsors can access results and progress online anytime from anywhere.


    Online Learning

    Join us for online courses in Kenya or from anywhere in the world. We have students studying online from as far as Tanzania, Qatar, Bahrain and others.
    With support from our dedicated teachers, you will enjoy learning online on our interactive eLearning Platform which has nice facilities such as, live video conferencing, live chat, group forums, assignments, quizzes etc. making you feel like you have been to a physical class. All you need is a Smartphone, laptop etc, plus internet connection and you are in class.


    Flexible lesson time.

    For full time students and those fresh from school, we have full time lessons to ensure your success in the shortest possible time. For the working class, we have convenient part time lessons to ensure that you achieve greater success in your career without interfering with your job.


    Convenient Location and Hostels

    For our in campus students, whichever part of Mombasa you come from, you can easily and conveniently access the college. The location of the college right at the center of Mombasa county makes it secure and just a 3 minute walk to all public transport stages.

    Rifkins College has partnered with Kenyatta University to provide student hostels in Mombasa Campus. The hostels are within Kenyatta University Mombasa Campus and are just a walking distance from Rifkins College. The hostels in Mombasa Campus are very secure, affordable and are available for both male and female students.


    Affordable Fees

    Yes, our courses are value added but our tuition fees still remain affordable .We also allow flexible installments payment to enable you achieve your career dreams.


    Special Discount and Permanent Membership

    Once you take any one course at Rifkins College, you will always get 10% discount on tuition fees for every other course you ever take. You also get 10% discount on every course level you progress to. Our admission fee is a permanent membership. You will never pay it again even in future.