Cruising your Way to a Career in Clearing and Forwarding

Can you imagine the modern life without the improved infrastructure and technology? Or maybe being without the smartphone you might be using to access this post? Well, it is almost impossible to imagine how the world would be without the developments. But did you know that all this has been made possible by international business?

International business is a result of globalization. This is a term we are familiar with but sometimes take for granted. The impact of international business is profound as its expansion has led to the generation of better paying jobs in the export-import sector.

By 2010, the low-income countries reduced poverty by rates 20%- a drop from 65% in 1990 to 45% in 2010. And factually, more developments have been achieved this far. Do you know that you can be part of these developments presented by international trade?

Yes, you can start by enrolling for a diploma course in Clearing and Forwarding.

Freight forwarders play a vital role in the movement of goods from one place to another. These are important in the export-import process. They are the go-betweens and assist individuals, commercial organizations, importers and exporters in international trade.

Now, lets get this, we are not talking of a few goods that individual customers buy as would be in your case when ordering for items on Amazon or Jumia. Freight forwarding involves the movement of bulk goods often shipped in containers. Such goods are now called cargo or freight. Do you see how massive that is?

As a freight forwarder or clearing and forwarding officer, you will be working out the best methods and routes for moving large volumes of cargo from the point of origin to the destination. That will be possible through modes of transportation such as road, rail, air and sea. Your target will be to ensure that goods reach their expected destination in the least possible amount of time.

This gets more interesting- you will also be conducting research and planning on routes while considering the type of cargo you are dealing with. Horticultural produce like flowers is only best transported via air transport while cars, that are more bulky and unperishable will come via sea. You will also handle the packing, insurance, customs documentation among other regulatory requirements.

This line of work also entails keeping your clients informed throughout the whole process and reporting back to them at every stage. It is for that reason that Rifkins College will offer you a free additional certificate course in Computer Operations. This will position you to be successful in your career progression given the modern technocratic business environment.

Do not limit yourself to just operating locally. This is a career with international opportunities! The results can be very rewarding because international trade holds the world economy. If international trade was absent, global economies would collapse. You can work both within Kenya and outside given the significance of international trade.

In fact, the industry offers hundreds of jobs that can suit your skills, tastes and preferences. You can work in warehousing, air freight, ocean freight , logistics, terminal operations or trucking. This industry demands many types of talents and you can fit in in the many areas of specialization.

To start your voyage in this wonderful industry, register Rifkins College for a Diploma in Clearing and Forwarding

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