The Good Tidings of Hospitality Management

Do you love travelling and experiencing new places? Do you enjoy teamworking and face-to-face interactions? Are you eager to join a career in a fast-moving, and fast-growing, industry?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then studying for a hospitality management diploma will be a decision you will never regret.

The travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors are among the most dynamic and recognised internationally.  At Rifkins College, you will get a chance to forge great careers across these and other industries where customer experience is prioritised. Having our name on your CV makes a difference – we are exceptionally proud of all the alumni leading in the hospitality sector both locally and beyond.

Still hesitant about joining Rifkins College for a hospitality course? Well, here are more reasons why studying hospitality management is a great choice:

It’s a career with no limitations

A diploma in hospitality management moulds you for a thriving career that has the potential of growing into several high-level positions. The diversity of the hospitality sector ensures that you will never face limitations in your job search. Whether you want to go explore the hotel management career path, intend to run a fancy or exotic casino or restaurant, or spend time with tourists as their guide when visiting different destinations, the choice is yours!

This gets better…You will see the world

Did you know that studying a course in hospitality management avails the opportunity to discover the world? Yes, you read that right.

Ever thought of an exquisite hotel in a big city? What of a restaurant in a coastal town in Kenya and beyond? How about sampling different cuisines and cultures? The list is endless! Rifkins College helps you to get started on this exciting journey with numerous possibilities. We take pride in many of our alumni who are successful in this field.

You will become a hot cake in the job market

Pun intended 😊… Anyway, if you wonder how, well, you will learn vital skills highly sought by employers. How impressive is that?!

Essential skills like leadership, teamwork and organisation aren’t just applicable in the hospitality industry. In fact, they are highly sorted in every sector. As an upcoming manger, you have to possess both hard and soft skills for you to be successful. For that reason, soft skills remain a key demand by recruiters when sourcing for employees.

Soft skills in business make the difference between good and poor customer experience. That is why we at Rifkins College will offer you a free additional course for a certificate in customer relations. Studying here also means that you interact with individuals from different cultures and nationalities. That is a bonus point for you as get exposed to different cultural insights that will enable you to operate internationally.

You cannot waste this opportunity.  Hope on and begin a journey of greatness in hospitality management!  

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