Economy Shapers: The Art of Supply Chain Management

Not quite sure what “logistics” and “supply chain management” mean in the career sense? Well, many people have the same experience until they realize this industry’s impact. Supply chain managementinfluences nearly every facet of themodern life as we know it.

How it that?

The logistics sector ensures that products are available to customers when and where they need them.Imagine a scenario where the pen you buy at the shop or supermarket was not transported to that placeand you have tobuy straight from the manufacturingcompany. What about having to go for food produce direct from the farms and not from the market place?

Now, that can be a very complicated affair!

Why Pursue a Course in Supply Chain Management?

For the reasons we have just stated and several other benefits, we are about discuss, you should consider joining Rifkins College, Mombasa for a course in Supply Chain Management.

There is a constant demand for services– As a manager in this field, you will be overseeing important phases of a product’s life, including allocation, distribution, and delivery. The demand for logistics is currently at an all-time high.So, if you hope to get a steady, high-paying job, this is the career for you.

It is relatively easy field to join- Supply chain management offers professionals the chance to get decently-paying jobs without having advanced degrees. Although some roles will demand graduate education, you can still find plenty of opportunities with a diploma training. But it would be evenmore advantageous if you decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree and probably a masters.

Do you like travelling, international travel that is? Well, logistics jobs may require frequent international travels. Although it will be more of work than sightseeing, you get many avenues to consider getting into international trade. how about preparing that passport now?

At Rifkins College, Mombasa we make sure that exploring the international field is a viable option for you by offering UK accredited ICM exams.

You will have several industry options to consider- When in the field of logistics, you can pursue specialization in sub-sectors such as wholesaling, warehousing, and postal services. In case you were wondering about the place you will secure employment, then you will be pleased to know that the opportunities vary. You can work in big corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations or for local or county government entities. How cool is that?!

Development of transferrable skills- The skills you will gain while taking your diploma in supplies management can be useful in other professions as well. For example, you can venture into financial planning, sales and marketing or general management roles. You can practically fit in any business sector upon gaining a few years of experience.

Start today at Rifkins College, Mombasa and learn from the industry leaders. Did you know that you also have the option to pursue your certification online? That sure sounds a great deal, try it out!

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