Health and Safety: Enhancing Productivity at Work

It is unfortunate that accidents do happen, no matter the industry or environment you work in. your work as a health and safety professional is to prevent accidents, and make people’s time at work as safe and happy as possible. So far, it is evident that health and safety apples in every industry.

Without doubt, a career in health and safety can be very rewarding- you save lives as you get paid. Many accidents happen in workplaces on a daily basis with the degree of injury varying. With this many accidents and organisations having increasing legal responsibility for their employees’ safety; it is unlikely that you will fail to be in demand as a professional in this field.

Apart from this being a rewarding career there are several other benefits that you should know about as you register for a certificate or diploma course at Rifkins College, Mombasa. Let’s have a look. Shall we?

Every institution has to adhere to specific health and safety guidelines as stipulated by the International Labor Organisation. The career is defined by high flexibility as you get to work in many types of institutions ranging from schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, airport, sea port etc. These institutions exist both locally and internationally. Don’t limit yourself!

So,what exactly does a health & safety practitioner do?

Put simply, a health and safety practitioner is responsible for ensuring prevention and minimization of accidents in the workplace. It is about improving an organisation’s safety culture by inspiring your colleagues to commit to working safely. No two health and safety roles are the same but there are common tasks you would be expected to complete:
• Carrying out safety inductions for new staff members
• Creating and maintaining health and safety documents
• Completing safety inspections and audits
• Keeping up-to-date with any new or amended pieces of legislation

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, you would also be mandated with ensuring that organizations are observing the safety guidelines required. Workers have to wear mask and maintain social distancing. The institutions involved have to provide sufficient sanitation material like soap and water or hand sanitizers. See how practical the career is?

Where to start

Your first step should be gaining a qualification from Rifkins College, Mombasa in Certificate or Diploma which will provide a broad understanding of many health and safety topics. These two levels of courses will open avenues for entry level roles in the job market.

Consider this as a chance to start your career and gain experience and develop more knowledge on the job.

Did you know that Rifkins College in Mombasa is one of the few colleges in Kenya offering occupational Health and Safety courses? So, do not miss this chance. Join Rifkins College Mombasa today and start out in this rewarding career.

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