Learning German – Facts You Should Know

Truthfully, German is not one of the obvious choices. It is spoken by relatively fewer people compared to English and French. 

However, there has to be a reason why millions of people still opt to study the language. Rifkins College-Mombasa is here to fill you in on why studying German would be a worthy investment on all respects. It will be a valuable initiative in more ways than just linguistic benefits.

German is, actually, easy to learn easy to acquire

Now, before you dismiss this point, let’s have a look at a few myths (lies if you may), that have long been used to define German. Firstly, many people say that it is a difficult language. That is not the case especially for people who are well-versed with English. If you speak English, you are already at an advantage. 

That is the case given that both English and German share common roots. As a result, many words are borrowed between the two and are closely related. For instance, in English we say chinand in German it is kinn, watertakes the formwasser and fatherbecomesvater. See how compatible the two languages are?

The only new aspect presented by the German language are the umlauts ä, ö,üandßwhich make the language more fun to learn!

Germany is an economic powerhouse

For anyone serious about work and business, investing in German would be a wise move. Not only is German a beneficial option for academics but also for the entrepreneurial world.Germany happens to be the biggest economy in the European Union and the fourth largest in the world. It is the home country of many great corporations that employ a significant workforce and have numerous partnerships. On that regard, you should consider polishing your Deutsch.

German companies constitute a significant number of global market leaders

Have you heard of brands like Volkswagen, Siemens, Adidas, Lufthansa Airline, BMW, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and Allianz Insurance? Those are just some of the global German brands that have employed thousands of people globally. You could be part of these esteemed organisations and a good first step is enrolling for that language certification at Rifkins College-Mombasa.

With German language skills on your CV, you will stand a better chance of working with global brands. Speaking of international opportunities, German is also known as the “Silicon Valley” (home of technology) of Europe. So, you will not only be positioning yourself to work with global brands but also explore some of the most effective and powerful technological creations.

German, and not English, is the most widely spoken native language in Europe

Well, I figure that was quite surprising to find out, right?

While English, French and German are the official languages spoken in the European Union, German remains to be the most widely spoken native language in Europe. Many native speakers speak German as their preferred Lingua Franca(a common language which unifies different peoples). The language is the most common second language in central and eastern Europe.

Did you know that German is also the third most taught language in the English-speaking world?

Globally, German completes the top ten list of languages spoken widely in the international realm. That is quite an achievement and a reputation for such a geographically small country with a low population. There are approximately 100 million German speakers internationally. Not a small number of people to talk to. So, if you intend to venture into Europe to study, work or otherwise, studying German at Rifkins College-Mombasa would be a great idea.

German rivals English in terms of online presence

Being in a digital era, you’ll be surprised and pleased to find out that Germany’s domain .de happens to be the second most popular domain on the internet after the U.S one. As such they boast of many websites that only rival the English .com ones. I know, I was equally surprised to find out too! Occupying a second spot on the world wide web after English is not a mean fit given that English has way more speakers than German.

Don’t you agree?

German culture is part of the world heritage

Cologne Cathedral-A heritage site in Germany

Although Germans are known for their analytical nature and preference for logic, Germans also pride themselves in rich artistic, literary, musical, and philosophical works. German was the first language of great composers like Mozart,Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Schubert. Historic revolutionary philosophers like Kant, Nietzsche, and Hegel are from Germany and their works make great reads.

Won’t it be cool to read some of the greatest works in human history in their original language? When doing that, you are tapping into one of the international cultures directly without the restriction of any filtering. It will certainly be a liberating experience.

German is afterall, the home of poets and thinkers.

Join Rifkins College-Mombasa and learn from some of the greatest masters of the language and secure a better position in the highly-competitive world.

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