Certificate in German Language

Beginner Level • • • 6 months duration
Intermediate Level • • • 6 months duration

Rifkins College in Mombasa offers German language courses for anyone seeking to learn or improve writing and speaking the German language. The college offers beginners and intermediate levels of German language. To become fluent in the German language; join one of the best German colleges in Kenya. Learn German language online or at our Rifkins College Mombasa campus. Whether you are a complete beginner, almost fluent or you want to learn German for business, we guarantee you the best from our excellent German instructors.

German language is considered a "first language" in the EU. It is widely spoken in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and several Scandinavian countries. German is also one of the three procedural languages of the European Union along with English and French. Learning German opens many job opportunities, especially in Europe. It also offers an advantage to anyone working in the tourism and hospitality industry.