Shaping a Career Path in Journalism

Do you like reading, researching, and telling stories? Then a career in journalism is the best fit for you. Get to relay information professionally to your audience and tell them why it matters most. The media forms part and parcel of contemporary life and society cannot do without it. Journalists are on the forefront in setting the agenda of the day and what people talk about.

Sounds cool, right? So, why not study it?! Perhaps it is time for you to join that college and begin your journey towards professional journalism. Rifkins College, Mombasa offers you that opportunity to realise your full potential as a budding journalist.

Rifkins College provides top-notch training in journalism that will guarantee you a successful progression in the industry. Training journalists are presented with adequate learning resources and practical exposure that provide the real-life experience on what to expect in the field. The training is tailored to meet the unique needs of learners as both full-time and part-time students are accommodated.

Besides, journalism students stand to benefit from the diverse network the institution enjoys for being in the education industry since 1953. Placement upon successful completion will not be a headache for you.

Did you know that you can also venture as a freelance journalist and earn decently as well?

Such are the opportunities awaiting you in the journalism profession. Practice something you enjoy and earn money while at it. Also, Rifkins College will position you as an international talent capable of practising journalism globally. The institution is a certified centre for the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) exams, an international London-based body that examines journalists internationally.    

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  1. I’m proudly Student at RIFKINS COLLEGE MOMBASA pursuing diploma in journalism and media Studies.This is a college of choice.

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