Non-Verbal Communication: Learning the Kenya Sign Language

Did you know that according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are an estimated 466 million people in the world with disabling hearing loss? That is a significant 5% of the world’s population!! Yes, you read that right. 

In case you are wondering, sign languages refer to visual languages that use hand, facial, and body movements as a means of communication. Just as there are many spoken languages in the world, we have as many as over 135 different sign languages globally. That is amazing, right? Well, some of them include the American Sign Language (ASL), Australian Sign Language (Auslan), British Sign Language (BSL) and our very own Kenya Sign Language (KSL).

Most people believe that sign languages have derived from spoken languages. That is a misconception you will soon learn about upon enrolling for a course in Kenya Sign Language at Rifkins College, Mombasa. More specifically, sign languages are independent and natural languages that have undergone evolution over the years, just as any spoken language.

Sign language is mostly used as the main channel of communication for the Deaf or persons hard of hearing. However, sign languages also have a lot to offer for everyone. Check out this list of why sign languages are awesome!

Here are 10 good benefits of learning sign language;

  1. It is a chance to connect with 5% of the world’s population by speaking their language. Get to interact with millions of differently-abled persons.
  2. You will practice expression; this in turn will improve your communication skills.
  3. You can be helpful whenever and wherever needed when interacting with people having a hearing impairment.
  4. You will be able to understand the challenges faced by the deaf. what better way to practice inclusivity and advocating for the agenda of the minority in society?
  5. You can get a job as an interpreter. That doesn’t stop there. You can work in the journalism profession or with institutions that embrace inclusivity. How cool is that?!
  6. Sign languages can be used even when spoken word is physically impossible. For example, while diving under water or when hiking.
  1. Since not many people know how to sign, this knowledge will make you unique. It is time to standout, don’t you agree?
  2. You will improve your spelling skills.
  3. Boost your CV. Signing is a rare competency among professionals in the job market. Be part of that statistics of outstanding professionals.
  4. It’s a beautiful language.

How about you start signing today? Rifkins College in Mombasa offers you this opportunity to add on your language proficiency. Come learn with the best. The teachers in this college have experience and great understanding of the deaf world.

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