Certificate in Sign language

Duration • • • 6 months

The population of deaf and hard of hearing people today is much higher than one way believe. This very large community uses sign language is the way they communicate visually, using their hands and certain gestures, finger spelling, etc. Learning sign language introduces you to a New Culture & Community. Boosts Your Communication Skills, Introduces You to the Issue of Deaf Awareness and offers employment opportunities. You will also be Able to Help When Required. Besides, It’s a Beautiful Language.


Rifkins College offers Certificate in Kenya sign language course. The sign language courses at Rifkins College are taught by experts, we guarantee you the best experience. Learn sign language in Mombasa at Rifkins College.

The certificate in Kenya Sign Language course offered at Rifkins College covers the following;

  • KSL Theory
  • Pedicure
  • KSL Grammar
  • KSL Comprehension and Reception
  • KSL Deaf culture & understanding deafness
  • KSL Finger-spelling Skills
  • Disability mainstreaming and challenges of deafness
  • Interpreter programme
  • Challenges of interpretation
  • KSL Production
  • KSL expressive and Observation skill