Where to Learn computer packages in Mombasa.

Now that you know why it’s important to know to be computer literate (check here incase you missed the last post), the next thing is identifying the packages to study. Generally, many packages exist in different areas of interest. Depending on the intention for learning the packages, one can choose a variety. Some common applications include SAP, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office.

Are you wondering which one to go for? Well, the best policy is starting with the basics then advancing as defined by needs or career. A good start will be at Microsoft.

Microsoft computer packages have gained a lot of popularity worldwide. More specifically, the Microsoft Office applications are popular among users. Most computers are installed with Microsoft products including both home computers and work place computers.

Therefore, when choosing a computer packages course, it’s advisable to start with the Microsoft Office applications. The applications you will learn under Microsoft Office include Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Access, Outlook, OneNote, and Skype for Business. Rifkins College  in Mombasa will further offer you internet and emailing proficiency classes so that you get a holistic coverage.

Rifkins College is accredited by the Computer Society of Kenya (CSK). Therefore, you are certain that the certificate you will acquire will be recognized by any organization. Here,you can have a look at all the CSK accredited colleges in Kenya, where Rifkins College features as well.

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