Time to Get Tech Savvy- Why Computer Literacy Has Come of Age

Computers are an important part of contemporary personal and work lives. On a daily basis, we need to send/receive mails, search for items in the internet, type documents, download files, learn online, get school notes, apply for jobs etc. Do you note how all the highlighted tasks need one to exhibit computer literacy?

Yes, that’s right. A few decades back, literacy was on the merit of knowing how to read and write. Now, knowledge on operating a computer is a factor in determining literacy as well. It is shocking how technology has revolutionized society. Don’t you agree?

The computer has therefore become a basic tool in the modern world, necessary in all aspects of life. Without computer skills, one may even find it hard to succeed as a student. That is the case given that assignments, and notes are frequently posted online for students to access. And it proceeds even further, the library is now going virtual and e-books are used in place of physical books.

Well, it does not stop there. In the job sector, most employers require a candidate to at least have a certificate in computer operations (packages) as a basic requirement. Therefore, looking at it from that perspective, it is more or less mandatory to be computer literate.

Even if one is not looking for employment and they are not students, it still necessary to learn how to use a computer. How do you check emails and respond to them? How do you type documents? If you don’t know how to use a computer, you will have to depend on someone else, and this person will have knowledge of your personal matters- that is certainly unpleasant to even imagine. Did I mention that a malicious person an even use the information for their personal motives?

It is based on the growing need for computer literacy that Rifkins College Mombasa offers the opportunity to enroll for a Computer Operations course. The course can be taken by anyone who has basic literacy i.e., can read and write. For students who have just finished high school, it’s a good idea to study Computer Operations while waiting for results since you will need this skill when in college, university or when hunting for a job.

Looking for a good college to learn computer packages in Mombasa? Then you are at the right place to get all the polishing you need to handle any computer.

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