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Certificate in Computer Operations

Looking for a college to study computer packages in Mombasa? You have come to the right place.There are very many computer colleges in Mombasa. Computer courses are offered even in cyber cafes and so many other places. However, for a computer certificate to be recognized in Kenya, the college issuing the certificate must be accredited to the Computer Society of Kenya (CSK). Rifkins College in Mombasa is one of the slightly over 300 colleges approved by CSK to offer computer certificates.

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Get expert computer skills from a reputable computer school. Rifkins College in Mombasa, is on e of the oldest and best computer schools in Kenya. At Rifkins College, we offer comprehensive hands on course in computer operations. The Computer operations course will equip the student with skills and knowledge required to operate a computer and perform common tasks such as; accessing, creating, saving and managing documents, spreadsheets and using the Internet effectively. The student will learn the following computer packages;

Course Duration •• 2 months & 2weeks
Minimum Entry Requirements •• Basic Literacy

Introduction to Computers, Keyboarding, Windows Operating system, Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher, Internet and Email

This computer packages course is suitable for students fresh from school, adults with no previous computer experience or anyone who would like to learn to use a computer. Students who have completed or are undertaking professional courses can do certificate in computer packages as additional courses to boost their CV. For professional computer classes, Join the best computer school in Mombasa , Rifkins College.



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