Advanced Diploma in Project Management

Diploma Duration •• 1 Year
Minimum Entry Grade •• C (plain) in KCSE or Compatible Proffesional Certificate
Examination Body •• ICM (UK)

Demand for project managers is very high all over the world. This makes project management courses a very good choice since there are so many project management opportunities in a wide variety of industries. Rifkins College in Mombasa is one of the best project management institutes in Kenya. Unlike most colleges in Kenya which offer a local KNEC project management course, Rifkins College offers a UK accredited Advanced Diploma in Project Management course.

The Project Management course offered at Rifkins College in Mombasa equips learners with necessary project management skills to undertake management of any projects, from the assumption that every project is unique in that it is not a routine operation. On completion of the Project management course, learners will be able to apply processes, knowledge, skills, tools, methods, techniques and experience to achieve specific project objectives, requirements, time frame, and budget in managing projects.

This Diploma of Project Management Course covers the following units; Managing Work & Costs, Nature & Organization of Project Management, Planning & Scheduling, Financial & Commercial Framework, Purchasing & Materials Management, Computers & Project Management.Study your project management course in one of the best colleges in Kenya. You can complete your project management course at Rifkins College in Mombasa campus or via eLearning .